Some of our clients are:

Shipyards Fincantieri Ancona - Italy, Brodotrogir d.d., Brodosplit d.d., Brodogradilište Kraljevica dd., Brodogradilište „Nauta Lamjana“d.d., NCP Remontno brodogradilište d.o.o.

Company BIMES d.o.o. in its long years of existence, participated in development of many types of new constructions like tankers, cargo ships, tugboats, catamarans, fishing boats, patrol boats, passenger ships, tourist and other ships. Besides new constructions, we are also involved in repair work and reconstruction of existing ships and platforms.

Main activities are:
- workshop production and installation of all types of pipelines
- workshop production and installation of tanks, reservoirs, pipelines and similar components
- workshop production and installation of steel constructions of all purposes (civil engineering, processing industry, food industry and shipbuilding)
- construction of steel and chrome duplex volume reservoirs

Quality policy

Our goals are to adapt to every buyer and to provide them with maximum quality as well as continued investment in new technologies, modernization of equipment and procurement of new devices and machines. Employees of Bimes are continually trained for work on new machines and devices and they apply and implement new technologies.